Auto Safety Inspection

Auto Safety Inspection


Auto Safety Inspection in North Carolina is required to aid keep our roads safer for all vehicle drivers, North Carolina mandates that your vehicle pass a safety and security evaluation yearly.

Because Greensboro beings in Guilford County, some lorries will certainly be needed to pass an exhausts examination that is performed during your safety evaluation.   Call us to make an appointment for better service.

During your Auto Safety Inspection, our specialists will examine your:

– Headlights & Taillights- Device Lighting
– Signals
– Foot Brake
– Parking Brake
– Steering Wheel
– Wipers
– Tinted Windows (only if relevant).

Is Your Car Approved for the Road? 

If your car is older than 35 years, you will certainly be exempt from an annual safety assessment.

The objective of this examination is to guarantee that your car is certified with typical air quality demands established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. We’ll perform an on-board diagnostics test at the same time as your yearly safety and security evaluation.

This inspection is no longer a yearly need for some vehicle drivers. Light-duty lorries that are less than 3 years old have less than 70,000 miles, were manufactured before 1995, are diesel-operated, or are signed up as a ranch car are exempt.

Auto Safety Inspection
NC Regulation Station

Arrange Your Examination.

Do not allow your inspection gone out; routine an appointment today with Auto Repair Greensboro NC.  If we locate a problem with your vehicle throughout your examination, we’ll allow you to recognize as well as tell you what you’ll require to do in order to remedy it.

You can call our service center straight or utilize our scheduling device on our web site!

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