Battery Checks & Service Greensboro NC

Battery Checks & Service Greensboro NC

Battery Checks & Service Get a quote online today. provides at Auto Repair Greensboro NC also for High Point, NC, Burlington, … to the right testing tools, there may be little warning that your battery needs to be replaced. Call us 336-439-8147


While your auto relies upon gas for gas, a full storage tank will do nothing for you if your battery no more has enough juice to start your automobile. Your air conditioning or heat, radio, lights, as well as many various other elements in your auto use your battery even when your engine is off. If you listen to a whining noise when you attempt and begin your vehicle as well as can not get any of your lights to find on, a dead battery is likely the perpetrator.

Battery Checks & Service


Auto Repair Greensboro NC can quickly examine your battery and allow you to understand if it is due for a modification. Your battery should, typically, last around five years without needing a replacement. We can examine how much life is left in your battery and also let you understand how much time you have left prior to a new battery is necessary.


Signs of a Bad Car Battery:

Backfiring can be an indicator of a negative battery

If you observe your engine cranking slow-moving or sluggishly

Clicking audio when turning the ignition

Needing to press the gas pedal while starting

If you observe your headlights are dim

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While boosting your car may get you back onto the road for a while, it’s not a permanent remedy. That’s as well as that it’s additionally a very troublesome one. Auto Repair Greensboro NC can install the ideal battery for your automobile; they aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal.


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